CAMOLEON supports the b2b process in life sciences worldwide by offering smart innovative business solutions including the following knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) platforms:


in business development (for unique selling propositions (USPs))

  • Business insight for decisions on business models and goals
  • Pre-marketing surveys of company, products, and services
  • Technology monitoring/scouting
  • Operative support in sales & marketing
  • Presentations and information packages


in sourcing management (for general selling propositions (GSPs))

  • Personalized market research and competitive analysis
  • Translation of new product services to the life sciences community
  • Action plan built around client capabilities and competencies
  • Systematic approach to identifying and targeting the audience


in innovation management

  • “From art to part to profit“ strategies
  • Pre-marketing tours with potential clients
  • Due diligence on third-party products and technologies
  • Workshops designed to facilitate exclusive positioning of products and services
  • Execution of business development campaign


Whether you are looking to access and penetrate the European market or an established company looking to increase your market share, CAMOLEON can offer tangible return of investment (ROI) opportunities. We provide market insight and information through highly customized research services and advices including:

  • Extensive database with focus on corresponding decision makers
  • Interim management
  • Personalized on-the-job training
  • Participation in shows and exhibitions
  • Virtual company set up

Interim Management

Acting as interim managers we typically operate at a senior level in the client organization. We bring skills and knowledge not otherwise in place, to address a specific skills gap or problem. Our experience and expertise enables us to be productive and make a noticeable impact from the outset, maximizing the likelihood of success.

We offer the following ‘value proposition’:

  • Being in place within days which is essential when time constraints are paramount.
  • Becoming effective quickly upon joining a client organization due to being practiced in engaging promptly with the situation.
  • Conducting and completing assignments effectively and with due speed.
  • Providing a fresh perspective unencumbered by company politics or culture
  • Concentration on what is best for the business.
  • Adding value to the client organization as a result of our expertise and approach, even when the work and the decisions to be made are difficult.
  • Availability to work on a fractional or part-time basis.

Business Match Making

We identify and connect (match) companies and people with common business interests, complementary services, expertise, technologies or business strengths. Our goal is to create cooperative connections and realize business opportunities that mutually benefit both parties:

  • Participating people (businesses) have to state information about what it is they are searching for, or what they have to offer. The more precise the collected information, the better the outcome of the business matchmaking.
  • We offer walking the event at bigger occasions like business conferences, congresses, exhibitions, fairs, etc., being the most efficient way to find, meet, and talk to new collaboration partners in short, one-to-one talks either onsite or online.
  • We harvest the benefits of business matchmaking by maximizing overlapping interests and needs and by mediating corresponding relationship building.

Medical Science Liaison

For medical device or pharmaceutical companies medical science liaisons (MSL) are vital to the success throughout a product’s lifecycle. Offering contract-based MSL we establish and maintain peer to peer relationships with leading physicians, referred to as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), at major academic institutions and clinics.

Our responsibilities in MSL may vary, but typically include:

  • Engaging external stakeholders: developing KOL engagement plans, collecting insights, identifying clinical investigators, communicating medical/ scientific data, connecting internal and external stakeholders, providing conference support, supporting external stakeholder research activities, and responding to medical information requests.
  • Collaborating with internal stakeholders: providing training, supporting clinical research teams and serving as an subject-matter expert (SME) on internal cross-functional teams.
  • Maintaining MSL expertise: remaining current on scientific knowledge, maintaining knowledge of pharmacoeconomics, coordinating activities with other field personnel.


Our credo being „First2Know, Frist2Be, First2Profit“, CAMOLEON has been on the leading edge of what is now an accelerating convergence between nano-, bio-,  information technologies, cognitive and social sciences.

We have successfully realized corresponding missions on behalf of small, medium and large companies or contract research and manufacturing companies (CRAMs) in Europe. Thereby focusing on fulfilling individual expectations, during the search for contact and cooperative partners.

CAMOLEON’s services range from straightforward partnering projects to more complex missions where companies have trusted the future of crucial programs to our operational support.