Together with our preferred partners we have been serving the life science industry since 2007 offering knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and supporting b2b by connecting creators and users.


Hans Wiech


Offering more than 25 years of professional expertise in business development and consulting of medical technology companies and pharmaceutical industry Hans has specialized on business matching and entrepreneurship. He is known for his passion setting relationship networks in B2B for Life Science industry. Being an excellent communicator and mediator, he has not only proven project management and negotiating skills but is also active and engaged in team building. Hans was educated in Biochemistry and possesses a strong record in academic scientific research understanding when the detail is necessary, and when the big picture is in demand. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry from University of Munich and performed his Post-Doc at University of California, Berkeley.

Colin Mitchell

Partner Us Market

Besides being the current director of business development with Family Health La Clinica, Colin is a strategic advisory for Bowsy Ltd. an award-winning Irish Human Resources tech start up. Furthermore, he is an adjunct professor for digital marketing and international marketing at Rochester Institute of Technology’s satellite campus in Zagreb, Croatia. At the same time, he teaches a master’s in globalization in education at Moreland University, Washington (D.C.). Colin sits on Winchester Academy’s Board of Trustees. In addition, he is the former head of European business development for medical device CRO, NAMSA. Colin holds a PhD in Public Health with a specialization in Epidemiology from Walden University (Minneapolis) and an MBA in Marketing from Pace University (NY).

Sebastian Scharf

Partner EU Market

Prior to Sebastian’s focus as a knowledge broker on supporting unique products, technologies, and services from “bench to bedside”, he spent more than 13 years in medical-scientific positions in the life science and pharmaceutical industry. Sebastian holds a MSc in Biochemistry and Genetics; he is also an excellent networker with an enthusiasm for medical-scientific communication and proven project management which he also brings to the support of B2B processes in these industries throughout Europe. Sebastian holds a PhD in Molecular Oncology from Goethe-University of Frankfurt/M. with further clinical specialization and training as Senior Clinical Research Associate.


We are open to cooperate with individuals and organisations and to implement additional value for the benefit of our clients (please inquire).


Dear Visitor,

Wouldn’t it be wise to constantly know what is going on, what is new and exciting? To scan nearly a full 360-degree arc around your business model, your market position, yourself?

Welcome to the world of the chameleon. Where specialized skills ― eyes rotating and focussing separately― are applied to observe different objects simultaneously but independently. Thereby not only generating the knowledge how to succeed but also mirroring the impression that failing is impossible.

The chameleon has been adopted as mascot because it is – besides being fascinating and fun to watch – guided by superior, much sharper vision than humans, just waiting for the ideal match.

Being „chameleonic“ sets CAMOLEON knowledge brokerage apart: to listen independently but simultaneously to our clients’ issues and challenges, their offers and/or requests.

We are communicating knowledge, inspiring partners, bridging the gap and delivering innovative solutions that address hard-to-solve challenges. CAMOLEON provides you with the best and most cost-effective solution to fit your specific expectations. Thereby matching business partners in the b2b-process in Life Sciences. Consequently CAMOLEON supports clients in creating, bringing, and transforming new ideas into blockbuster products and services.

I believe the ability to serve existing and new customers in all areas of knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) – business development, sourcing management, innovation management – makes us a valued and trusted partner in these highly competitive and volatile times. This is being reflected by a proven track record of successfully providing superior solutions and services to our clients.

Everyday the chameloen inspires me to believe that by exchanging our ideas and expertise we can finally implement solutions ensuring quality of life for all mankind.


Best Regards,
Hans Wiech